Bulk email import module in PHP

Today topic is email import. Suppose we have lots of email id(s) in the notepad file in CSV format and suppose

we require uploading all these email id to our database table.So, for such kind of system we are creating

email import in PHP.

For this system we require a table i.e newsletter and fields are nd, email.So let’s create a table. So here

we have our table. Now move on to the file. Creating a new file i.e email_import.php. First creating a form.

Opening this file email import. Now first we have to upload this file to our server. So we are using

move_uploaded_file function. here we have 2 parameters. Here will be temporarily path and the second one in

actual location.

For better practice, let us create a new file , we can create a text file

anywhere i.e sample.txt .Writing some email in that file and separating all these email with a comma.

If you are uploading anything using form,y you must have to mention encrypt multipart form data. So the next

step is to allow PHP to open the file and read all contents inside that.open function and here we have 2

params  first one is file name and other is mode i.e ‘a+’ mode. PHP has now opened the file in read/write mode. here we have data variables.

We have to insert all these emails to separate rows means one email to one row and another email to others.PHP

Explode function trims all values from string to array .using for each loop we can insert all these individual

email to our database table.Here we have a mysql query .Columns name email and value $value.But before

executing any MySQL query, we must have to connect with our server and select our database.So doing these

things, above all, PHP codes. We are using xampp so username ‘root’ and password null. Now selectingdatabase, provide the database name .


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